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Young adventurous voyages brought to you by the Country Crawl Team.  We specialize in immaculate journeys in Southeast Asia.

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Career Opportunities with Country Crawl!

Thank you for viewing our career opportunities page!  We know that your time is extremely valuable, and we are honored you chose us as a possible team to join for your internship duties.  We welcome all qualified applicants.  We arduously take a look at every candidate to see if he or she is the perfect fit for our team.  Previous members of the Country Crawl are given special consideration in regards the to posted internships and jobs.  Travelling with a person is a much better way to get to know the team and its members.  This is a company for young travelers.  We push the limits of adventure and seek out amazing experiences that last a lifetime.  Country Crawl prides itself on being honest, respectful, patient, open, and level-headed. If that seems like you, then don’t hesitate. Apply now.

Campus Representative:

Becoming a campus representative for Country Crawl is easy and beneficial.  We are offering free and discounted trips to those who help to promote the Country Crawl adventures.   Country Crawl also offers great letters of recommendations for future employers.  We are looking for individuals who are motivated, adventurous, outgoing, and charismatic.  We love our "jobs" at Country Crawl and we want you to love your position too!  Click here to inquire more about the Campus Representative position and tell us why you would be the perfect fit!


Country Crawl offers internships in multi-media, hospitality, and services industries. These include trip planning, researching, public relations, video editing/filming, photography, creative writing, blogging, social media, international relations, and more. Country Crawl offers internships to qualified candidates in their specialized field. During your internship you will get to travel, see the world, and experience new adventures, people and cultures.   You will interact with different people on a global scale, allowing you to broaden your horizons and open your mind.  You get the opportunity to work in the most beautiful places around the globe.  Does that sound like what you have always dreamed of? Then this is the opportunity for you. Find out more by contacting us at

Country Crawl Multi-media Internship:

Where: Southeast Asia

When: The duration of every winter and summer trip


·            Video filming and editing

·            Website design

·            Blogging and social media management and updates.

·            Travel Journalism/Photography

·            Hospitality and service management

·            Engaging on a day-to-day basis with Crawlers and the local communities·             


·            Resume and cover letter

·            Updated picture

·            Updated passport

·            Work samples i.e.: Website design, blogs, videos, and writing samples.  Any relevant media work.

·            3.0 G.P.A. and extra curricular activities

·            Leadership experience preferred

** Please click here if you feel you are right for this internship and get the process started!

Join our team as a future guide!

Country Crawl would LOVE for you to join our team as a future guide on these wonderful excursions.  Please use our SIGN UP sheet as a way to introduce yourself to us.  Tell us about yourself, where you're from, and what drives you to be different.  Please include a brief description of your life up to this point, and why you have decided to choose Country Crawl as your family.  Please also include any sort of media that you believe will help you stand out from the crowd.  We sincerely appreciate you taking your time to fill out the information.  We know your time is valuable. 

Please note: At this time Country Crawl is not hiring any applicants for this position as we are luckily and humbly fully-staffed.  The best way to make your presence known is to join us on one of our future adventures and let us get to know you!