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Young adventurous voyages brought to you by the Country Crawl Team.  We specialize in immaculate journeys in Southeast Asia.

About Us

Who are we?  As a group we are dedicated to showing you the best possible experience during your trip in Southeast Asia.  Each one of us provides a different expertise in dealing with the day-to-day operations of the adventure.  Let's take a look at The Crawlers.

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David Gumbiner - Founder

A chill guy who loves traveling, people and, most importantly, food! He has been to a whopping 28 countries in total, which makes him the most well-traveled of the crawlers. A scuba dive master, CPR rescue certified, and English Professor; 'Gumbi' has been lovingly bestowed the title, "Leader of Men", by his fellow vagabonds. Simply put, he is your man for any trip planning needs.

Ever since he can remember, he has been leading his friends on unofficial tours across the globe- ranging from the rain forests of South America, to the deserts of the Middle East, to the Savannas of Africa, to the most remote reaches of The Great wall of China. However, out of all of these incredible places, the one he loves most is South East Asia.

Fun, safe, and cheap. He loves to plan original trips and see them come to life. People make the trip and the trip makes the people, as he would say. A natural people person, he lives to see other people happy and, most importantly, to make you happy. He wants you to be a crawler. So come join him on Country Crawl and start your adventure. May the travel bug bite you!

Vang Vieng, Laos:  Home of ultimate backpacker tubing, muddy basketball, and wild parties.   

Vang Vieng, Laos:  Home of ultimate backpacker tubing, muddy basketball, and wild parties. 


Taylor Reed - Founder

Taylor was bitten by the travel bug in 2009 and has made it his goal to see and do as much as possible in this world ever since. Guatemala changed his life after a 4-month study abroad program allowed him to  explore Central America and realize how easy and fun it is to travel outside the USA. The exposure to other cultures, societies, languages and foods helped to expand his mind to the point where he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to broaden their mind and see the world from different perspectives.

After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism he left the hot, dry desert of Arizona for the sandy white beaches of St. Croix, USVI. Settling down isn't in his nature and after almost one year on the island he decided to take his knowledge to Nanjing, China where he taught English with fellow crawlers David and Mary for 3-years. In his post college years he has been a nomad living in the Caribbean, Las Vegas and China while also traveling to more than 15 countries. Everywhere Taylor goes, he leaves a little piece of his heart behind with no regrets. 

Turning passion into opportunity: Why are there so many more Brits and Canadians traveling in Southeast than Americans? This is the question that led to Country Crawl. His passion is travel and the opportunity is to take smart enthusiastic Americans abroad to the best places outside of the United States. Some may be afraid or nervous to leave the country, but once you open yourself up to the rest of the world you will never regret doing so.

Country Crawl was made for you and the adventure can't come soon enough.

Taylor's motto: "I don't judge my vacations by how many sunsets I see, I judge them on how many sunrises I see." The good times never have to stop unless you want them to and Taylor doesn't see them ending for a long time. 

Eden Garden, Haad Yuan | Thailand

Mary Njuguna - Founder

Mary’s passion and love for travel began when she realized that Kenya was not going to lock her in. Being Kenyan, it is extremely hard and time consuming work to collect the visas necessary to travel, but this did not hold her back. Her first move was to come to China to study, where she graduated with a degree in International Business and Chinese Language. Little did she know China was going to be the launching pad of her epic journey.  In China she met David and Taylor, like minded travelers who exposed her to South East Asia and together they explored the cultures, jungles, beaches, and parties of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia!

A natural adventure seeker, in the last two years she has touched base in 11 countries- covering South East Asia, Europe, The United Kingdom and Africa. She has learned so much from traveling and from countless strangers turned to friends. She went from not knowing how to swim, to nearly drowning (multiple times), to becoming an advanced certified scuba diver diving with manta rays in the Similan Islands. She even got her first sun burn on the summit of Mt. Bromo in Indonesia! Wait, black people can get sunburned too? She has become a dazzling chef as well. She challenges you to make a spicier curry than her. Bring the heat!

She has forged great friendships and immersed herself in culture at every stop. This has pushed her limits in ways she never thought possible. She has gotten the best education that life could ever offer-Travel!

Travel is her passion and she wants to show people what they are missing. To show everyone the beauty this world holds and what wonderful people we have in it. For her, Country Crawl is an idea born out of her passion and desire to bring people together. Come with her and let her show you the world country crawl style! Let her blow your mind and open your eyes to all its beautiful wonders!



Dylan Michlin - Co-Founder

Dylan has always been fascinated with different regions and cultures around the world.  For the last 10 years he has been travelling around North America by any means necessary, experiencing the vast environments the world has to offer.  After numerous cross-country road trips through the national parks, a study abroad trip in British Columbia, and exploring the Mexican States and the brilliant Caribbean Islands, there was little doubt in his mind that he needed to expand on this lifelong dream. After completing his Masters Degree in English Education, he decided to relocate from Miami Beach to Taiwan.  During his teaching stint in Taiwan, Dylan took advantage of this opportunity and journeyed throughout fourteen additional countries: Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, and Thailand - with Vietnam and Indonesia topping the list.  

Some of his favorite places include Jogjakarta, Indonesia, where the ancient Prambanan and Borobudur temples reside, Hoi An, a quaint and harmonious post-modernistic beach town located on the Central coast of Vietnam, and Bagan, Myanmar, where over 2,000 pagodas from nine-plus centuries ago still remain erected among the breathtaking landscape, virtually untouched by Western influence.  

Travelling also afforded Dylan this once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue his ultimate goal: take like-minded, adventurous and spontaneous individuals on perfectly crafted tours to unimaginable locations across the globe.  He is overjoyed to share his experiences with those who are eager to see, touch, and feel the aura that Southeast Asia provides.  While travelling his first time in Thailand, Dylan met David, Taylor, and Mary in Koh Tao during a beach-side volleyball game.  This relationship grew and they subsequently traveled together again, most recently in Laos and other Thai islands.

He is incredibly thankful he procured this relationship with them as it flourished into expanding on the Country Crawl vision.

As a team, Dylan guarantees that all the Crawlers' needs and expectations will not only be met, but overwhelming exceeded. The experiences you have and the friendships you create will last a lifetime. 

"You can travel back and forth to Europe or South America as much as you want, but when its your time to depart from Southeast Asia, you'll never want to leave." 

Peace, Love, and Country Crawl