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Ko Samui
Surat Thani

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Young adventurous voyages brought to you by the Country Crawl Team.  We specialize in immaculate journeys in Southeast Asia.


Country Crawl Testimonials!


boracay, philippines

"Back when I was living in China, during the national week holiday I traveled to the beautiful tropical island of Boracay (Philippines) with a bunch of amazing friends, who also turn out to be some of the greatest travel experts ever. David, Taylor and Mary had already been of great advice the year before in Thailand, allowing us to experience the best of Full Moon Party, and they did it again in Boracay. From crazy pub-crawls to scuba diving and island hopping, they managed to get me through the best attractions the island had to offer. These guys seem to know what's the best spot to go no matter where they travel, and every place we went to was a hit. Since I booked my trip last minute, I didn't check anything before leaving and just followed all of their recommendations, which I did not regret. We stayed at an awesome hotel located directly on White Beach (right where the fun is!) with a family staff that immediately makes you feel comfortable, which also turned out to be one of the cheapest accommodation options around (doesn't hurt when you are a student with a tiny budget!). We made a lot of new friends both local and international through all the fun activities and hanging out in the bars and clubs, but also just randomly chatting with people and getting involved in an impoverished basketball game (which the boy's seem to enjoy more than us girls, though we rocked as cheerleaders!) We also had a lot of fun no matter what we did and thanks to them and all the efforts they put in organizing these vacations everything was just perfect and they definitely own my entire trust when it comes to traveling wild and partying hard. I really had a blast with them and would love to join them for another trip, wherever it takes us!" - Lauren Ricard (France)




"I have traveled extensively with these guys and we are always having fun. We traveled the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia and these guys were on point with where to go, who to talk to and what to do. We were catching special concerts, discounts and even did a free all-you-can-drink pub crawl because we rocked the one the night before so hard that other people were signing up on an off night that we arranged with cool people we were meeting. These guys get around the easiest way and are always out for an adventure, and on the cheap (although some things, like Haad Rin on Full Moon always cost more). Whether you are into Yoga, dance, drinking and partying, scuba, beach sports, trekking, ancient ruins, or just lounging to good food, tunes and cool people, these guys can swing with you!" - Joe Tracy (United States)



Halong Bay, Vietnam

"Travelled to Southeast Asia mid 2014, met these guys on the back of a packed mini bus and hit it off with these guys instantly. They know how to have a good time and that's speaks volumes coming from an Aussie. Pack your swimmers, your sunglasses, your drinking games and your positivity. Believe you me; a good time will be had. Can't speak highly enough of Country Crawl, they treat everyone like family and they make sure they look after their own." - Vincent Fong (Australia)

"I have known David, Mary and Taylor coming on 6 years and have traveled around S.E. Asia on 4 separate trips (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia) with this crew.  I can honestly say that these trips have been an absolutely brilliant.  I like nature and fitness and relaxing and dancing all mixed up in my holidays and this crew share the same philosophy.  Their organizational skills and knowledge of the areas we traveled to were thoroughly well planned and allows you to pick and choose the pace and daily itinerary.  All of the trips I have been on with these guys are for extended periods of time, so it's taken a lot of preliminary planning - these guys have done their homework and are experienced travelers.  When it comes to traveling well, not necessarily spending a boat-load of cash, these guys know what to do!  There is always something beautiful to see and mini-adventures everyday to be had with this lot!  The memories I have made with these guys will last a lifetime.  We have been to some of the most beautiful places on this earth! There is sense of inclusiveness with these people that makes travelling with them just a lot of fun.  Their boundless energy, enthusiasm and good natures make traveling with them super-easy. I'm yet to meet better people to travel with. I'm sure I will meet you on subsequent trips in 2015!" - Lisa Milward (Australia)